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What Addiction Does to You

When regarding nicotine in the discussion of substances that are both addictive and psychedelic, it might seem interesting that nicotine is involved at all in psychedelic drugs, especially because of its reputation as the biggest component in things like cigarettes. Research on nicotine began when those who used to smoke made a notice about their inability to concentrate.

Curiously, nicotine does have the ability to improve the quality of your memory, as well as your attention span. If people were dosed with nicotine through the method of patches, positive effects were noted in adults who have cognitive disabilities and people who have never smoked. In tests that challenge mental capabilities, nicotine was shown to improve the quality of performances.

Aside from nicotine, many in the artistic community have claimed that smoking marijuana is extremely helpful for producing creativity. Cannabis seems to be able to create a palpable sense of connection between both of the brain’s hemispheres, increasing communication between the two, in so doing.

With this research in place, it would stand to reason that it is the major cause of why those who are using marijuana experience a much higher sense of creativity than they do typically.

Of course, the aforementioned effects are completely reliant on the amount of the dose that people in the study experienced. In fact, a higher dose could result in an inability to concentrate, anxiety, and a worsened quality of memory.

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