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The Function Motor Neurons

Before delving too deeply into this article, it should be made clear that motor neurons are present in the body as nerve cells. Their job is to control movement in the body. Diseases like ALS and spinal muscular atrophy are ones that hurt the function of these motor neurons.

When working out how to treat the aforementioned diseases, scientists have actually been successful in creating new motor neurons out of stem cells that are exceptionally healthy. Because of this new finding, it has been found that there might actually be fresh ways to treat the diseases that impair the motor neurons.

Every time you move muscles in your extremities or you breathe without thinking about it, signals are sent to the spinal cord, where cell bodies of motor neurons can be found, from the brain. The movement of the muscles stems from nerve impulses sending the necessary signals.

In the motor neuron disease known as ALS, defects in genetics or indeterminable factors in the environment tend to be its cause. ALS results in damage to motor neurons that weakens the body, including its capability to do simple tasks like speaking, swallowing, and potentially even breathing.

On the other hand, gene mutations tend to be the most common cause for SMA, which affects respiratory muscles. And if these crucial muscles are damaged, SMA could have deadly consequences.

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