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The Effects of High Testosterone

It is probably safe to assume that you know what empathy is. Essentially, it means you have the ability to comprehend how other people feel and what their perspectives and emotions are. To have empathy is to be more successful in daily social interactions. If empathy is not as strong in an individual, disorders like autism can develop.

Typically, women tend to be more successful when testing for empathy than men are, which led some researchers to think that testosterone, the hormone that belongs to men, might have a correlation to empathy.

Seven years ago, Jack van Honk and a group of researchers with whom he worked looked into the idea that by administering testosterone to women with the interest of studying the empathy they exhibited. After receiving the proper hormones and placebos, the women in the study took a test known as the RMET.

The test is designed to determine the capability for people to interpret emotions by paying attention to the expressions made by the eyes.

Taking the test twice, once with the placebo and again with the testosterone, each subject was studied as an individual to see the effects of testosterone. The study, in fact, found that women, when administered testosterone, had a more difficult time understanding the emotions they witnessed in the study.

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