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Knowing When You Have a Bad Therapist

Bad therapy is a very damaging thing so you definitely need to be careful whenever you feel like you might have exposed yourself to elements of bad therapy. If you are seeing a therapist in the first place, it can definitely be safe to assume that you need the treatment that they are able to provide.

And if you are in such a delicate position so as to require a therapist, you definitely need to have one that is as good as he, or she, can possibly be or else you could risk the potential for leaving yourself worse off than you were when you approached the therapy for some emotional, mental, or psychological assistance in the first place.

If you are concerned that you might be experiencing therapy with a medical professional that is not as good as it could be (likely because the therapist you have is not very good at the job they have been hired to accomplish), consider the following potential warning signs.

For instance, if therapists become inordinately upset if you are late to meetings, they might not be very understanding. Additionally, if your therapist focuses on details from your story, rather than the big picture, they might not be listening to you as much as you would like.

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