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Kids Living in the City

If you ever watch episodes of House Hunters, there is a high likelihood that you have witnessed many of the couples who appear on the HGTV reality program come in with a laundry list of requests for the real estate agent.

Some want to live close to where they work, some want room for a home office, some really crave granite countertops, some want spacial closet room, and some, for whatever reason, really want crown molding. But one common desire for couples is always to have a yard. If they are looking in the city, this can be difficult.

But if they are looking in the suburbs, yards are a must whether they have kids right now or they have some little ones on the way. Or, sometimes, they just want to keep their options open. Regardless, couples always want to have yards for their kids, whether or not they subconsciously know why.

This is thanks in large part to scientific research that seems to point to kids being at a learning and behavioral disadvantage if they grow up in urban environments. After all, it helps to have wide open yards where kids can play and be themselves. Playtime is underrated in terms of how it helps the growth of a child’s intelligence.

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