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Elderly and Technology

There are quite a few stereotypes and running gags about the ways in which the elderly population interacts with technology or, as these jokes would refer to them, “new fangled doohickeys.”

But when they are encouraged and given explanations and opportunities to learn about what new technology can provide to you, many elderly people are willing to learn about new technology and they are eager to become somewhat adaptive to the world of technology, which is constantly growing and changing.

And if you teach them properly, they will not be constantly hanging up on your Skype calls, but rather, they will become very deft when using the tech that they receive. Some examples of technology that, when developed with the elderly in mind, can be quite useful for them, include such simple bits of technology including television remotes, audio amplifiers, and electronic tables.

However, they also could be quite interested in learning about more large-scale technology elements like robots built to clean the home, alarms that help protect your house, and shoes that are equipped with GPS to help you navigate.

You see? There are so many items in the world of technology that they can truly be accessible to wide swaths of the population.

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