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An Argument about Multitasking

Usually, people regard multitasking as a good trait to have, but a recent amount of research seems to point to the idea that it is not useful in terms of productivity.

For quite some time, the concept of multitasking has been a desirable one as any assumed that it was something too spectacular to ignore and it was one of the only paths to success. But it is hard to be certain if multitasking is truly a positive thing.

The research poses the question of whether or not people actually have the capability to concentrate on multiple tasks while acting productively in all of them.

You may not be interested in poring through articles about this research, but, in short, it does seem to indicate the doing one task at a time is much more beneficial to your productivity. Additionally, if you multitask, the quality of your work will decrease. Research shows that if you done one job at a time, you will actually wind up accomplishing more by the day’s conclusion.

However, multitasking is not to be ignored altogether. While it is not a great boon for productivity, you can use those skills to accomplish very simple tasks that do not require a great deal of concentration. It is important to keep this in mind while going forward.

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